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Authentic Angus; high quality, sustainably raised, Canadian Angus beef. Raised without the use of added hormones and with the respectful use of antibiotics.  Proudly raised by Canadian cattlemen.


Authentic Angus works towards providing our customers with some of the best beef Canada has to offer. We work with some of Canada’s top ranchers, best-managed feedlots, and most trusted industry organizations. Authentic Angus is producer focused, with a vision of connecting final consumers with grassroots production. This makes us unique and true to who we are as a brand. 




1.   not false or copied; genuine; real

2.   having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified

3.   representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified

Staying true to oneself is an element of the producer focused core values that cannot be overlooked. We have taken a mandate to be truthful and honest with our claims. We stick to the above definition of authentic to never cut corners. 


Our claims are backed by the strength of character of those who raise cattle and by the audits and oversight of some of the Canadian cattle industry’s most trusted organizations. We are proud of the Canadian cattle industry and we look for guidance from our industry partners. We value their influence within the business that we base our life around. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canadian Grading Agency, Canadian Angus Association, Verified Beef Production and the Beef Information Exchange System all help bring concrete validity to what we do.


The goal of creating Authentic Angus was to create a strong, viable, and profitable program inclusive to a wide range of producers across western Canada while promoting continual progress and improvement. Our group works to forge strong and meaningful relationships across the value chain. We take our jobs seriously and work to create business relationships that mimic friendships. The ethos of basing the program around the perspective of the grassroots producers is one of the factors that makes Authentic Angus unique to the marketplace.


Authentic Angus believes in finding beauty in simplicity. Our company structure is focused on two areas: beef production and cattle production. Our team is small by design and focuses specifically on what we do best.


The post-harvest activities are managed by the beef production team. Logistics from the plant to the customer are made in a timely and efficient manner. The beef production team is aware of the importance of quality control and works to meet the specific needs of each customer. The team is small in size, which gives them the ability to be flexible and allows our customers to make orders that fit their needs.


The cattle production team manages all pre-harvest projects. Two main focuses for the team are inventory management and the logistics of Ranch to Feedlot and Feedlot to Plant. A very important aspect of the business is ensuring the security of the supply chain. The team does not take this burden lightly. Production protocols are strictly monitored to guarantee all necessary certifications are up to date. The cattle production team handles all cattle purchases and placements. They work hard to build strong and lasting relationships with cattle producers.


Daily discussions between the cattle team and the beef team ensure customers’ feedback is known throughout the company. Keeping a clear line of communication open at all times is important for helping us grow with our customer base. Growing cattle to our specifications takes time and we work with our customers to develop achievable growth targets.

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