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Label claims are something that we do not take lightly. Many producers within the Angus beef industry get upset with half-hearted claims that come from baseless merits. Our claims are real and authenticated by trusted sources.


All of the beef we sell is guaranteed by the Canadian Grading Agency to fall under the top classes, “AAA” or “Prime.” We also guarantee that the beef you buy comes from cattle under 30 months of age.


The cattle in the Authentic Angus system are fed at feedlots that have been audited by Verified Beef Production +. The VBP+ standards are robust and reflect several animal management facets through their four main pillars: animal care, environmental sustainability, on-farm food safety and biosecurity. This ensures that all cattle placed in our care come from well managed and forward-thinking producers.


All cattle must be registered in the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency’s database by law in Canada. We ensure all our cattle are registered with the administration of a uniquely numbered RFID ear tag. This registered tag guarantees our cattle are purely Canadian.


Authentic Angus makes our Angus claim by phenotype and genotype, which sets us apart from our competitors, who make claims singularly by phenotype. We guarantee Angus parentage through the Canadian Angus Association’s tag program. All the cattle in our system have been identified with a Canadian Angus tag or have been independently verified by the CAA. 


Our cattle originate from ranches and are fed at feedlots enrolled in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency governed, European Union (EU) certification program. This program is widely considered to be the highest standard of hormone-free status in Canada. Since added hormones are banned throughout the EU, any beef destined for Europe must originate from certified farms and ranches. We ensure our beef reaches these standards so we can share Authentic Angus Canadian Beef internationally.


The phrase "respectful use of antibiotics" is an idea we developed to bring producers and end consumers together. We understand the concerns some consumers have surrounding antibiotic resistance and the over-use of antibiotics. We also understand that cattle are not immune and can get sick. We never want to be in a position where a producer receives a financial penalty from treating a sick calf. We want everyone involved in our program to know our cattle receive timely medical treatment from trained professionals whenever they are in distress. We treat our cattle on an individual basis. Our cows are never treated on a mass or group basis and are never fed therapeutic antibiotics. We also guarantee a minimum 120-day withdrawal period for all therapeutic antibiotic treatments before harvest.


We work to create and maintain an environment of continuous improvement. On top of our holding true to our label claims, we also look for means to help our brand continuously evolve. We use these methods to improve our brand in hopes that it never stops getting better.


We hope that one day all units of our supply chain can be registered on the Beef Information Exchange System (BIXS). Through this system, we will be able to add a layer of traceability and data management. Primary producers will be able to access carcass data and feedlot data, which will enable them to see how they stand against other ranchers. This data will allow them to make critical analyses of their herds’ genetics and find details for potential improvements to be made. BIXS will also allow for specific attributes to be traced, attributes that will strengthen and support our label claims.


Together with Cattleland Feedyards and Stockmen’s Financial, Authentic Angus offers our partner ranchers the ability to participate in the feeding process of our cattle. We offer unique pen-sharing and financing arrangements. Ranch producers can feed their cattle without being forced to face the cash requirements that this process usually takes. This makes it possible for producers to get the maximum value from their genetic investments.


Authentic Angus works with select seedstock producers and genetics companies to help promote leading-edge Angus sires. These sires excel in feeding efficiency and beef quality. Through these partnerships, our associate ranches gain access to genetics that may have been previously unavailable to them. In addition to this, Cattleland Feedyards also provides our group with a robust heifer development program. Ranchers have to opportunity to leave their best female Angus at Cattleland Feedyards. There they will be raised and managed in a way that will help the young females develop into productive mother cows.


Authentic Angus hosts several meetings each year where producers, who participate in our program, get together and compare notes. Speakers are brought in to discuss topics about ranching and cattle feeding. These meetings also provide an opportunity to showcase how our cattle are performing, which keeps the producers aware of what our program is doing and where our program is headed. Opportunities are opened through these meetings to introduce new products and technologies that can benefit our production processes and develop efficiencies. 

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