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Authentic Angus takes a great deal of pride in managing relationships for the duration of the value chain. The production process wouldn't be possible without our team of respected partners. In every step of the process, from before the calf is born to when the steak is served on the plate of the end consumer, our dedicated team is working together to find improvements and grow.


Each steak, burger, brisket and kabob has a story. We do our best to tell the end consumer where their beef came from and who played a part in getting it there. Our story is one of pride and humility; we love what we do and are thankful that we get to do it.


We proudly work some of western Canada’s most forward-thinking seed stock producers and genetics companies. Our process starts before the calf is born when we look for breeders that want to produce better livestock each and every year. One of our goals is to promote genetics that unite the value chain. We want cattle that not only work well at the ranch and in the feedlot but also produce exceptional beef.


Seedstock producers supply our ranch partners who are the stars of the show. They manage the mother cows that produce calves for our program. We are proud to work with some of the most well-managed farms and ranches in western Canada. Many of the farms and ranches go back multiple generations and it is not uncommon to have 3 or 4 generations working together. Soil and rangeland management is one of the top priorities for these farms and ranches. Without healthy soil and healthy pasture, a rancher’s job becomes impossible. So, these families ensure that the rangeland is never abused, and that respect is always given to mother nature.


From the ranch, the calves travel to the feedlot. We realize that the feedlot is the least romantic link in the chain, but it plays such a critical role in ensuring the consistent quality that our brand is known for. Every day at the feedlot, the cattle are inspected by trained personnel to ensure that each cow is healthy and happy. Should an animal show signs of sickness, it is treated immediately. Our cattle are treated with antibiotics only when required and are never treated on a mass scale. All our cows have a minimum 120-day withdrawal period prior to harvest. 


Dedication and attention to detail in feeding our cattle is very important. The feed the cows receive is a mixture of rolled grain and forage. In fact, each ration is made by a professional nutritionist. Every animal eats 3% to 3.5% of their body weight every day. The total amount of feed consumed is astounding. To ensure the cattle are healthy, they are given vitamins and minerals that are measured down to the gram. There is a lot of science that goes into this part of the process.


Our cattle are hauled by truck when changing locations.  Each cattle trailer can haul roughly 60,000-65,000 lbs so the number of animals that go on each truck is dependent on their weight. Our haulers ensure that their trailers are kept in good repair and they clean the trailers before and after our cattle are hauled. When required, the trailers are bedded down with straw or wood shavings to ensure that the cattle are comfortable and kept as clean as possible.


After the harvest, the beef is shipped to our partner distributors where it is divided up and sent to retailers and restaurants. From there it finally gets to the consumer where they get to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We love our work and what we do. We are proud to work with so many people to bring the experience of Authentic Canadian Angus beef from us to you.


The Authentic Angus value chain is very important. We are grateful to have so many connections with some of the best groups in western Canada. Use this interactive map to learn more about our partners, who they are, and where they are located.

Partners in Our Value Chain

Seedstock Partners

  • Cudlobe Angus in Stavely, AB

  • Remitall Farms in Olds, AB

  • LLB Angus in Erskine, AB

Feedlot Partners

  • Cattleland Feedyards in Strathmore, AB

  • Hagel Feeders in Swalwell, AB

Ranch Partners

  • Giles Ranch in Brooks, AB

  • Niznik Farms in Cassils, AB

  • Fyke Ranches in Sceptre, SK

  • Bentley Colony in Bentley, AB

  • Remington Land and Cattle in Morse, SK


Industry Partners

  • Canadian Angus Association in Balzac, AB

  • VBP+ in Edmonton, AB

  • Cantriex Livestock in Lacombe, AB

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